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There's a lot to see in this beautiful world of ours;  There are a lot of fantastic people to meet;  There are a lot of places to roam; There's a lot to understand.  There's so much to see and so little time to see it in.

POP is created to capture as many of these amazing moments as possible. It's created to explore the beautiful places in the world; Capture the intriguing conversations between people; Question the blinding laws of the society; feel the mind shattering arguments in debates; share the stories; learn and help people in need.  It's created to live, laugh, and learn as a society. 

POP is one of a kind consumer engaging streaming media platform. It interacts with consumers in ways that no other platform does. It's the next step in people engagement. Our ever increasing concepts, programs and artists are all dedicated to provide consumers an opportunity to be in the spotlight instead of just being at the streaming end.

Some of the programs that we are producing are:

Beside these programs, POP also has a couple of amazing features (listed below) that will allow our users to participate and share their view.

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Detailed comments on any decision taken by any business or the government the can be submitted to us through our write & earn policy, will be published in our website for our users to understand. 



Our team creates polls on a daily basis to collect the opinion of people regarding issues effecting the consumers. Results are updated instantly for our users to assess how the rest of the world perceives. 


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