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Write & Earn

"A pen is mightier than a sword. 

We, at Competing Competitions, believe that a Pen leads the way in shaping the world and a word changes the way the world functions.


The written word should not be limited a few words or a few banters. It has to take a form and shape the society as we see it. The sad reality, however, it takes time and effort to put ideas into words and for the most part, it's not rewarding enough. So we came up with a solution that changes it. 


Write & Earn Policy is created to allow the Competing Competitions’ Community an opportunity to present their ideas, pose their questions to the world, encourage interested participants to research into several areas of prominence; foster a community of writers that are passionate about writing articles that will impact the society in a positive way.


Through this policy, we intend to provide appropriate recognition to the writers who are spending their essential time and resources for conducting the research and changing the world for the better. 

You can learn more about the the policy below

Analysing the Competition.  Analysing the future



Why giveaway?

Writing a research paper or an article, or sharing a comprehensive idea that pushes the world to change the world is not an easy task. A lot of us, who want to share our ideas; who like writing are being forced to limit ourselves to social media platforms and a few statements because the sheer amount of time spent on writing is not sufficiently rewarded.


The aim is to change this and provide appropriate recognition & reward and build a community of passionate writers working for the betterment of the society. 

Writer's Code?

Writer’s code is something that we assign to you in order to identify & keep a track of all the submissions you make.


We assign the writer’s code within 72 hours of your purchase of the Subscription.


The font size of:

- content (including the abstract) has to be of size 12

- footnotes have to be of size 10, &

- headings  have to be of size 14. 


One of the following fonts is preferred:

 - Bookman Old Style.

- Calibre;

- Garamond;

- Palatino Linotype; &

- Times New Roman

Word count?

How many words you write will depend on where you intend to publish it. 

If you wish to publish in any of the magazines:

More than 600 words & Up to 800 words, excluding a 150 words abstract


If you wish to publish in the "Industry Insight" Magazine / one of our newsletters:

More than 1000 words, excluding a 150 word abstract, 


If you wish to publish in any of our newsletters or our news papers - 

Up to 600 words, excluding a 150 word abstract,


If you wish to publish in our newspaper - 

More than 100 words & up to 500 words, excluding a 150 word abstract.


For specific articles that we suggest, we will inform some guidelines, which are available at:

Publishing Guarantee?

While we try our best to ensure that your views are expressed in front of our community, the articles that are submitted to us will have to satisfy our quality standards before we publish them.


The article you submit is reviewed by several professionals and editors who intend to check thoroughly before sending it for publishing.

Why 120 days?

The 120 day period is kept in place to ensure the article goes through several reviews before publishing it. As a writer involved in this policy, there are three stages that you will have to be aware of:


Stage – 1:


After you submit the article, we will check the legal stance, merit of the argument, facts and content of the article and we will either provide a preliminary approval / reject the article.

A preliminary approval means that we see merit in the article and we are willing to publish the article.


Stage – 2:


Once you receive the preliminary approval, we will suggest some edits in the article which you will have to edit.


We will be revieing the article multiple time, so you can expect multiple reviews. You can inform us the reasons if you feel like the edit we made is not necessary.


After discussions and after ensuring that the article that you submitted requires no more suggestions from our side, we will send an email saying that the Article is “claimed” by us.


Stage – 3:


What it means for an article to be claimed –

  1. You become entitled to the earnings.

  2. We will publish the article.

  3. The rights on the article, except for Author credits will transfer to us.


Once the article is claimed, we will publish the article in a desired outlet / product. Once the article is published you will receive and email with the subject line – “Article is published”.


You will receive a copy of the product, free only for you, to share it with your friends and family. Keep in mind that you are prohibited to do any commercial activity using that product.

Author credits?

You, the Writer gets the Author credits, not us.

If we update your article in the future, then we'll share the author credits with you. You will remain the first author. 

If you update it yourself, you will have the author credits. 

Article Rejected?

An article can be rejected, when we feel like that article requires fine tuning / requires to re-draft the facts / legal stance or for any other reason that we observe.

Deemed rejection?

The amount you can earn is updated every few days at your “Earnings” page (


You can see through yourself how much you can earn.

My Earnings / month?

The amount you can earn is updated every few days at your “Earnings” page (


You can see through yourself how much you can earn.

Amount / Article?

The amount of rewards for each article is updated every few days at your “Earnings” page (

Getting paid through?

You can claim money to be transferred into your account or you can avail rewards / offers that we manage to secure for you, available at @(https://www.competingcompetitions/rewards)

Can I withdraw?

Yes, you can, without providing any reasons for us, whatsoever. You just have to send us an email:


All terms & conditions

You can read the full terms & conditions that apply to this policy by clicking the link below:


Your earnings depend only on one thing – the no. of articles you write.


And you can write as many articles as you want to and send it us. We will review it and you will get paid when we publish those articles. 


You don't have to pay anything for the first four months.


Competition Networks Media Board that owns Competing Competitions (the CNM board) will decide before the expiry of four months, giving you time to weight the benefits from the policy as opposed to the rewards you derive. 

What can I write?

You can write articles on:

Any law / laws effecting any nation, any consumer; any subject; any person any animal; any technology any notion any culture / cultures; any subject / subjects/ any concept / concepts; or anything – provided they are effecting competition / players in the competition (companies / competitors, consumers, competition authorities)  in any form, or


Any entity’s; any government authorities’ decisions or policies or strategies or advertisements or regulations or measure effecting any consumer or the market or the competition in any way, or


Any subject, or any notion, any culture, any concept that is relevant in the way the markets are functioning, in the way the competition is happening, or

Any specific articles that we suggest, mentioned in


There are no deadlines for articles that you wish to write but for specific articles that we suggest, we will inform some deadlines, which must be followed. 


They are available at:

How to submit?

You can submit the article @  


You can also submit the article by sending an email with following requirements.

  • To:

  • Subject: Article Submission

  • Document name: {Writer Code}

  • Email content / Body: About the Writer / Writers (less than 100 words / writer).

  • Document format: .docs/.pdf

Time taken?

The time varies from submission to submission. Our team tries to publish the articles as soon as possible, preferably in the upcoming issue of magazines or the newspaper.


Some articles will be published much later, depending on their relevance & understanding they provide with respect to the issue that is published.

In general, we will inform you whether we will publish it or not within 120 days. 

 I Submitted - Job done?

Your job is not done after the submission is made. You will be informed about the edits, if any via an email with subject line – “Suggested edits for your submission”.  You will have to carry the edits and send us the article within 10 days of the email. If you don’t send us the updated article, the article will not be published by us.


You can send us the email with the updated document after the 10 days, but it will result in decrease of your earnings.


If you receive any more suggested edits from us after you did not submitted the article in 10 days and if you fail to edit and send us the article within the next 10 days of receiving another email with suggested edits, we will do the edits ourselves and publish it. In that case, you won’t be able to claim author credits.


These measures are in place to decrease the burden on you and us. It will help you do the edits in 10 days without having to drag the work on and it will help us deal efficiently with several no. of submissions that we receive.

Submitting elsewhere?

For articles that we suggest, as mentioned in, you cannot send / submit the article elsewhere.


For any article that you write, Yes, you can. But, you will not be able to send / submit the article elsewhere if we provide you a “preliminary approval”.


You can withdraw the article from our consideration before you receive the preliminary approval & publish the article and send it elsewhere.

Article Claimed?

After the article going through all the possible edits, we will send you an email saying that the article is claimed by us. It essentially means that you are now entitled to the rewards and the rewards will be added to your account soon. 

Article Published?

Once the Article is claimed, it will be published in any of our products / outlets and we shall send an email to you with a copy of the product, free only for you, to share it with your friends and family. Any commercial activity involving the product is strictly prohibited and will have legal consequences. 

Article declined?

When we suggest some changes to the article to be changed, you are required to do them in 10 days. If you fail to do so, then an article is said to be declined from publishing. 

You can edit and send it to us and if we accept it, we'll either suggest some more changes or claim it. The price of the article will not be the same that you would be initially liable to gain.


If we send some more suggestions and you fail to correct them in 10 days, the article will be double declined. In which case, we can edit and publish it. You won't be entitled to any earnings and author credits. 

If not my work?

We take the copyrights very seriously. If the work you submit to us is not yours, any earnings that you may receive will be not provided to you.


Such an article will be removed from all the platforms and you may be liable to pay the damages to the Owner and us.

Earnings if I leave?

You will receive the earnings that are due to you by the time you withdraw. After they are cleared, you won’t receive anything as you won’t be a participant in the policy.

Roll-back of Policy?

We will give you a 30 day notice period before the policy is rolled back. In the 30 days, we will clear all the dues. If you submit any article within those 30 days, the articles will be reviewed in the next 120 days and earnings, if any, will be provided to you.

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