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A consumer platform aimed to curb information asymmetry.

Who are we &
what do we do?

We are competition law fanatics obsessed with competition and how the world is run daily. We aim to understand how businesses worldwide compete with each other and affect consumers' choices. 


Concerning what we do, we answer only one question. That is all. 


'How' does a particular law, business strategy, legal action, change in the market, or development (technological/otherwise), news, measure, etc., affect our choice as a consumer?

How exactly do we do that? Well, we do that by creating and providing certain services aimed at empowering. 

Sunrise Over Mountain

What do we provide?


What's 'COMPETING COMPETITIONS' and what's the logo?

A mobile is made and sold by one company, using software developed by another, labour provided by the other, transported by another, distributed by another, under the rules and regulations laid by another. The same thought process can be observed for all products and services in the world. 

Effectively, all the companies and undertakings involved in 'making' a consumer's choice are competing at different levels with others who are providing the same/similar services. In a larger sense, they are competing 'for' the consumer's choice. These are 'Competing Competitions' that are competing for the consumer choice!

It's a beautiful picture in our minds. Do let us know if you want to discuss it in more detail. We would love to talk to you.

And the logo that you see has two stick figures. They are
 Tom and Pete. They are always in competition with each other, and one's purpose is to out-compete the other in almost everything they do. One starts a business; the other becomes the rival. One provides a better product; the other launches something big and crazy. Their battle is meant to determine, in a symbolic way, a consumer's choice. It's the idea that their competition defines the world we live in.

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